wood charcoal from our charcoal furnace

2016-04-01 10:55:38

Our charcoal making furnace is very easy to install and operate it. You should pay attention to two items:

1. Temperature

2. Smoke color

At beginning, using 3-5hours to evaporate the moisture of wood logs. (small fire 90 -150 degree)

Then, temperature 150-280 degree, 3hours.

Then, 280-450 degree, 2hours.

Then, 450-higher, 1hour.

The smoke color is: white and heavy color (water vapor), yellow and heavy smoke, thin and smaller smoke, lucid and blue color. Process finished.

Attention, the temperature reach 300 degree, it will produce gas which can reuse as fuel to heat, no need using wood wastes to heat furnace.

Below is picture of wood charcoal from our Congo customer:

His working site: 8-11hours, get our the wood charcoal

If you are interest in this charcoal making furnace, please do not hesitate to contact me: