Introduction of briquette machine

2014-02-26 11:37:42

Types of Briquette Machine

The most common and widely used briquette machines are biomass briquette machine and metal briquette machine.

Biomass briquette machine produce high-quality fuel briquettes from agro-forestry waste materials such as rice husk, wheat straw, sawdust, wood chips and other biomass materials. Basically, the biomass briquette machine convert low density biomass into energy concentrated high density fuel briquettes. This type of machine is commonly used across a number of enterprises including leather industries, vegetable processing, rubber industries, chemical industries, textiles and more.

In briquettes machinery plant, agricultural and forestry wastes are used to make briquettes. But the wastes that are used to make briquettes must be in the form of powder and having moisture level of 7% to 12%. If the material size is more than the powdery form briquettes cannot be formed. If the moisture level of the briquettes is more than 7% to 12% then the formed briquettes will be broke into pieces and form smoke when burning. Hence the raw material should be in the form of powder on d should contain low moisture level.

Metal briquette machine are particularly designed for making utmost use of recycling metal wastes such as cast iron, magnesium, titanium, bronze, zinc, brass, steel, copper, aluminum as well as others. Based on diameter and output requirements, there are many different types of metal briquette machine. 

Mechanical briquette press is the one which is designed as an eccentric press for large scale installations. Capacity of such machines ranges from 200 kg/h to 1800 kg/h. A constantly rotating eccentric shaft linked to a plunger presses the raw materials through a conic die. In this type of machine, the required counter-pressure can be adjusted only by installing a die with a different length or conicity. Instead of using a hydraulic motor, Mechanical briquet presses use an electric motor, so energy loss is comparatively moderate. This type of machine lasts longer than hydraulic machines.

Hydraulic briquette presses are designed for small woodworking industries. This type of machine can be low priced with capacities ranging from 50 kg/h to 200 kg/h and typically produces round briquettes. Some Hydraulic briquette presses have the capacity of 400 to 1500 kg/h which produce rectangular briquettes. The main feature of this type of machine is the pressure is generated by hydraulic system where hydraulic cylinder assembly makes the major cylinder discharge the condensed briquette once the necessary pressure is reached.