Rod Mill

2013-06-29 15:51:03

1. Introduction

     Rod Mill is famous for loading steel bar as grinding medium in the tube. The grinding medium is lifted to some kind of height under the effect of centrifugal force and frictional force, and then fell down in throw condition or discharge condition. Rod Mill often use wet overflow model, it can be used as primary grinding, and widely applied in the primary grinding of labor sandstone, beneficiation factory and chemical plant electricity department.

2. Features

1. Saving energy. Rod Mill can save more than 40% than old equipments.

2. The discharge granularity is more evenly and the output is much higher. It uses advanced controllable in and out rod mill technology and according to the client’s grinding material to equip with suitable grinding medium. It changes the old ball mill face contact to line contact and fit for different hard ores.

3. The discharge fineness can adjust. It can change the discharge granularity by simple adjusting, there is a fineness control device in the tube and the output end can add the screening device. It can be sure not grind too much and won’t mix defective product into end product.