Superfine Ball Mill

2013-06-29 15:55:48

Superfine Ball Mill

The superfine ball mill is a kind of new type and high-efficient powder and superfine powder processing machinery which is used for grinding the medium and low-hard material that Moh's hardness is below 6, humidity is less than 8%, and non-flammable non-explosive minerals. The classified powder could be adjusted between 300 and 2500mesh. The fineness will be better and could meet the requirements from different customers.

Superfine ball mill applications:

Soft materials: Calcite, marble, limestone, kaolin, gypsum, barite, fly ash, slag, etc.

Hard materials: Silicon carbide, corundum, superfine cement, zircon sand, andalusite, refractory, etc.

Metallic materials: Zinc powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, molybdenum powder, etc.

High purity materials: Quartz, feldspar, alpha-alumina, glass beads, phosphor, etc.

Characteristics of the superfine ball mill:

1Different design from traditional cement and mining processing, and in line with the requirements of different superfine material feeding and processing.

2Optimize length-diameter ratio and liner and the shape and the material for grinding medium to avoid over-grinding and achieve the best effect of grinding. Optimize aperture ratio and design of grate board, and improve the fineness by using lesser grinding medium.

3For hard minerals, adopt Non-iron pollution design. Use alumina ceramics, quartz, silex and other special material for liner and grinding medium.

4Optimize the matching of the energy consumption and grinding drive, reduce energy consumption. Form a closed system with classifier, negative pressure conveying and less dust.